Listen to the new album from ‎Jekalyn Carr!
Listen to the new album from ‎Jekalyn Carr!


Its not often when you can use the term all time favorite for a band, for most its a once in a lifetime title. For myself, I could only use that idiom for the rock n roll Jedis of Bleach. Recently, I got a chance to sit in the van, listen to some records, and chat with Jerry Morrison, bassist from that said band. We talked of their new album Again, For The First Time, due out on August 27th, his brand new side project, and the reason why you probably havent seen him taking turns driving the bands van until recently. (by Blake)
This interview took place on: 7/11/02.

  • Jesus freak Hideout: What can Bleach fans look for in the upcoming album? Is it the same Bleach we all have come to know and love, or a little something extra?
    Jerry Morrison: If you liked bleach before, then I'm sure you will like the new album. It's not like we did this huge stylistic change or anything. We aren't a rap-rock band all of the sudden :) I think this is the record bleach has always wanted to make. It's pretty much a straight-ahead rock album. We stayed away from the "Nashville Sound" as far as production and mixing and things like that. The record does a good job of capturing what we do live.

  • JFH: Can you tell everyone what the song Andys Doin Time is about?
    Jerry: "Andy's Doin' Time" is a shout out to all of our families and people who are really close to us. We don't get to see our wives and families as much we would want, because we are gone so much. People think that being in a band is this glamorous thing, and in actuality, it can be rough being gone so much. The chorus of the song says "So I gotta move on and on into the sun," pretty much saying "Hey, it's really hard being away, but this is what God has called us to, so we press on."

    Bleach album cover

  • JFH: How about Knocked Out?
    Jerry: "Knocked Out" is a praise song about rolling with lifes punches. It's really easy to let life just beat you down, but when it does you just get right back up rather than letting it knock you out completely.

  • JFH: What kind of a push is T&N planning for the new album?
    Jerry: T&N has been awesome so far for this record. Everybody over there really loves the record. I know we're gonna be on a Hot Topic sampler with a band called Sensefield. There is some other really cool stuff they are doing. I know they are planning a pretty big push for this record when it comes out. World domination!!

  • JFH: What was it like working with Oran Thornton from the band Flick? They seem a little darker than something I would consider Bleachs sound.
    Jerry: Working with Oran was amazing. He really pushed us to be better songwriters. Oran just wanted to make a great sounding record with great songs. He really took us to the next level. Oh, and wait until you hear the new Flick stuff, it's amazing. It's less dark than the older stuff.

  • JFH: The five of you seem like a closely knit group of guys. What do you think has caused this brotherhood?
    Jerry: I don't know haha. Our love of Star Wars maybe? Seriously, we're just honest with each other. There are no egos or secrets really. I think that really keeps all of us in check and that's really important when you spend as much time together as we do.
  • JFH: You, Milam, and Jared seem to have added a new sense of rock to the Bleach sound. What do you all bring to the table?
    Jerry: When the five of us got together for the first time and played, something just clicked. It wasn't a calculated thing really. We are all on the same page musically, we like a lot of the same things, so when we write, it just kind of happens.

  • JFH: You and Hunz from Beanbag are starting a side project and let me just say that the one track you played for me was amazing. But can you tell everyone, who hasnt had the pleasure, what youre all about?
    Jerry: Oh wow, thanks man. There really isn't much to tell actually. We did a tour with them awhile back and me and Hunz thought it would be fun to write some songs together. Right now it's just for fun. We only have one song done and we're working on another. It doesn't really sound like bleach or beanbag. So we'll see. We're both so busy, I don't even know when we'll finish it. Neither of us have any expectations at all. We're just letting it happen. We don't have a name or anything...

  • JFH: What bands have you been listening to lately?
    Jerry: Noise Ratchet, The Gravity Show, Denison Marrs, my next door neighbor writes country songs and he gave me a CD. I really like his songs a lot. :) Moss Eisley, Cool Hand Luke. Johnny Cash and Piebald have been very popular in our van lately. There are more I'm sure...

  • JFH: Is there any independent Spiritual stuff out there that anyone should know about?
    Jerry: You guys should really check out The Violet Burning. They put a worship CD that is amazing...

  • JFH: Rumor has it that you just learned to drive, what took so long?
    Jerry: This is true. What took so long? Oh, I don't know. Probably laziness.

  • JFH: Is it true that you were saved at a Seven Day Jesus concert?
    Jerry: That's right. Way back in '94, my tenth grade year. One of the guys lived right behind me at the time as well. I just kinda started hanging with them. They pretty much took me in like a little brother. They are also the band that inspired me to play rock and roll.

  • JFH: What can fans look forward to on the upcoming nation wide Back To The Few Tour with Relient K, Philmore, and new Tooth and Nail signee Holland?
    Jerry: A whole lotta rock. Relient are great friends of ours so it should be a blast touring with them again. Philmore are awesome too. They are way too nice to play punk rock... And Holland are really close friends of ours. They live here in Nashville and we all hang out quite often.
  • JFH: And lastly, Mullets or Mohawks?
    Jerry: How about a mullet-hawk?

  • JFH: Any famous last words?
    Jerry: I'm not famous so i think that disqualifies me. :) Later!!!



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