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14. Man at the Altar

by Psalm


I got some things here on my chest that have been weighing on me lately
And once you hear this message it may make you want to hate me
Some charade behind the name of God, use it as this great facade
Leaving spirits empty and the pocket books robbed
But look the gospel we preach is for the impoverished and weak
But then the pastor each week is dressed in a fashion unique
To a man of class so I think that he wears a mask but I see
Much further past it in deep because its his actions that speak
Rather than classes he teaches and all the masses he reaches
When preaching status is meaningless but his standards are meager
Cause now hes shopping through beamers with all the options and features
The car hes copping is keyless, hes got a flock of believers
Believing God is his keeper but if his hearts not on his sleeve
You know the heart can deceive you and man I wouldnt want to be you
Church is profiting off prophecy thats taught to be for poverty
So logically theres obviously got to be some hypocrisy
Its wrong to me yet throngs believe that all we need is godly deeds
Or to sit inside a box at church so we can talk to God and Jesus
Not directly though, pay the church, confess your woes
The father gonna bless you and send you on down the lonely road
No, no it should be much more
Jesus whipped the pharisees up out the church and what for
For peddling religion making it something it isnt
All these self-appointed christians should hold themselves to be different
Theyve driven this great wedge tween them and the faithless
And it seems that they judge more, and it seems that they save less
Were given this great test to love our fellow man
And were supposed to be the ones if anybody can
To exemplify the life of Christ instead we think that once a week
Singing for a little bit then hear a funny pastor speak
And then we go back to life hating our neighbors
And chasing after papers, and lusting after greatness
But can you blame us, christianitys famous
For hypocrites manipulating broken and nameless
So I say let us never seek to equate God with any man
Lest were ruled by a fool with a Bible in his hand
Cause the man at the altar is a man after all
And what does all man have in common, all man must fall

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