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01. If Life Is A Contest

by Psalm


Rest in peace to the family values.
Proceed with caution and watch Ďem, theyíre washing down tubes.
Bad news, is all we see on the screen now.
Iím trying to figure out whatís the American Dream now?
Itís lust, greed, violence and self pride.
As long as youíre fine no big if anyone else dies,
or anyone else cries and has to suffer for it.
Itís blatantly obvious but we painfully ignore it.
So fast forward with me now, and see how it turns out.
Everything is fake, what was realís burnt out.
Matrimony ainít holy if you arenít loving them only,
Well, then your vows are just phony, and I bet youíre still living lonely.
But wedding rings donít mean nothing when itís lust involved.
I bet we never see the day real justice falls.
Cause now the world thinks itís cool to have sex with strangers.
Itís supposed to be special. Instead itís just dangerous.
It amazes me, this place I see.
It could be your own wife that gives you HIV.
So everyday I breathe, dear Father may I be,
a little different from the rest so I can raise my seed,
The right way I pray light rays and bright days
Are ever in his future but I know, despite faith
There ainít no way to save him from the things he might face
And everybodyís got to hurt a little in lifeís race
Yeah lives waste way, happens everyday
And so Iím standing in the trenches til a remedyís made

If life is a contest, weíre all losing.
Because of all the nonsense, weíre all choosing.
(How low we go, this road is all that we know. I hope someday, maybe weíll find our way)

We can be so sure weíre right that we fight til weíre wrong
First the pride then the fall we think that weíre strong
And we think weíre entitled, we try to think like our idols
But all our idols are false when moral thinking is vital
And it donít matter your title, you fall under human
And human is to err so we carry confusion
Disillusionment and bitterness, so on and so on
Building blocks that turn out to be pretty tough to grow on
Go slow on your journey of looking for the right way
Careful donít get in a hurry to fall for the snakes and the lies they might say
A nice face will hide fake intentions from a sly snake
To your face a smile and shake, but in truth itís bait they lie in wait
Try and take it all with a teaspoon of salt
You think that you got it all figured out well you probably havenít at all
Caught in this race til we fall, forever looking for the bigger gain
I donít think that making lots of money means you win the game


So in a world thatís so wrong thinking that itís so right
Certain we can see it all when in truth thereís no light
Itís on those who know light to show light to the masses
If vision isnít 20/20 lend your friend some glasses
The past is repeating in our government regime
Every 4 to 8 years different puppet same team
The democrats and republicans they kill the same dream
And we let it happen cause weíre all just zombies to the main stream
Tell us what to eat and what to wear and tell us how to think
And anyone who makes any sense you can flush em down the sink
I been wandering round the brink and now I think I found the stink
Corruption grows where money flows and justice floats then drowns and sinks
Iím pretty certain for Lady Liberty- curtains.
The citizens are hurting and itís only getting worse and
so I guess Iím not the first to say weíre all a bunch of losers here
Sitting round a wicked crown like what are we gonna lose this year


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