Listen to the album Birth of a King by Tommee Profitt!
Listen to the album Birth of a King by Tommee Profitt!

Top 15 albums

Wayne Thomas Myatt

1 Anberlin

"The appeal and fascination of this band seems to never end. Hailing from South Florida, Stephen Christian, Joseph Milligan, Nathan Young, and Deon Rexroat introduced us with the incredible debut album, Blueprints for the Black Market. They were influenced by much of the late 80's alternative music scene such as Depeche Mode and New Order (also covering songs from these artists), yet, they provided their very own music style. I have so much respect for this band as their songs continue to create an unforgettable moment."

Favorite Album: Vital, Cities, Never Take Friendship Personal

Favorite Songs: "The Unwinding Cable Car", "Inevitable", "Modern Age", "Stranger Ways", "Paperthin Hymn" and "Time & Confusion."

2 Jars of Clay

"From the time they released their first release in 1995, as four very young artists, Jars of Clay provided the world with very classical unique sound that was enough to impress Sting. Although the band has changed their sound slightly with each release, you know it's them and they never fail to impress with each succeeding album. In addition, they have one of the best Christmas albums that have ever graced the contemporary music scene."

Favorite Album: Much Afraid, Good Monsters, The Long Fall Back to Earth

Favorite Songs: "Work", "All My Tears", "Overjoyed", "Closer", "Headphones", "Age of Immature Mistakes", "Flood", and "Left Undone"
3 Haste The Day

"I never grow tired of this band. It's a given that I have a lot of love for metal, but I truly feel what defines perfect metal are the sounds of harmony during the chorus, and this is an area that HTD excels in with every release although to a lesser extent with Coward. Attack of the Wolf King and Dreamer are masterpieces that have yet to ruin their welcome in my library."

Favorite Album: Attack of the Wolf King, Dreamer, Pressure in the Hinges

Favorite Songs: "Travesty", "The Place that Most Deny", "The Minor Prophets", "Stitches", "Babylon", "Mad Man", and "Accept"
4 Tie The Classic Crime / Switchfoot

The Classic Crime

"Writing some of the most thought provoking lyrics along with very clever and memorable song writing, The Classic Crime was one the bands that I just instantly knew it was special after hearing Albatross. Although it wasn't until I purchased The Silver Cord that I knew this band was for real."

Favorite Album: The Silver Cord, Phoenix, Albatross

Favorite Songs: "Just A Man", "God and Drugs", "You and Me Both", "Glass Houses", "Blisters & Coffee", "The Poet", and "Salt in the Snow"


"Like most people, I didn't start listening to these guys until, The Beautiful Letdown. Jerome Fontamillas (formerly from the techno-metal band, Mortal and Fold Zandura) seemed to be the missing piece needed for a perfect band. After watching their most recent documentary, you get the feeling that this band has so much fun together while facing the same problems everyone else does and leaving their families during long tours. Some of the most unforgettable ballads and rock tunes can easily be found in this band's inventory."

Favorite Album: The Beautiful Letdown, Hello Hurricane, Vice Versus, Fading West

Favorite Songs: "We Are One Tonight", "Meant to Live", "Twenty-Four", "When We Come Alive", "Needle and Haystack Life", "Mess of Me", "Circles", "Back to the Beginning Again", and "The War Inside"

4 Emery

"One of the premiere screamo artists of the 00s and they still haven't lost their touch with their latest album, You Were Never Alone. Toby Morrell's voice is very appropriate for this type of music as well as Josh Head's unclean vocals. The perfect pairing of these vocals is just the beginning as the music/ songwriting encompasses a journey with so many different themes that evoke a very dark yet cool atmosphere. As I've said in the past, this is essentially what Depeche Mode could have sounded like as a hard rock screamo band. This band just plain rocks with well written lyrics."

Favorite Album: …In Shallow Seas We Sail, We Do What We Want, You Were Never Alone, The Question

Favorite Songs: "Butcher's Mouth", "Curbside Goodbye", "Scissors", "Hard Times", "Returning the Smile You Have Had From the Start", "The Weakest", "The Anchors", and "The Party Song"
4 Newsboys(1992-2009)

"I didn't really care for the Newsboys' first 3 releases. Not Ashamed is when history was completely re-written with the band. This band seemed unstoppable with the teaming of Peter Furler and Steve Taylor's song writing. I love Tait, and feel that he is a very talented singer (I have both of his albums when he formed his own band, Tait). I actually like the new version of Newsboys, but I see this as a completely different chapter in Newsboy's life and it's not the same. They carried so many tunes that one can't help to join in like "Shine" or "Something Beautiful."

Favorite Album: Going Public, Take Me to Your Leader, Go, Thrive

Favorite Songs: "Elle G", "Something Beautiful", "Shine", "Going Public", "Love Comes True", "No Grave", "Live in Stereo", and "Cup O' Tea"
4 Steve Taylor

"Not enough can be said about this artist who has not only made some of the most memorable music, but has also made a lasting impact on some of our favorite artists like Newboys and Guardian. His intellect, humor, and sarcasm make for some very interesting songs. He pushed the envelope in the new wave and alternative music scene during the mid-80s to early 90s. He wasn't simply into music for the sake of being a part of fad; you could tell that he really put his creative mind into the lyrics."

Favorite Album: Squint, Meltdown, I Predict 1990

Favorite Songs: "What is the Measure of Your Success", "Over My Dead Body", "Drive, He Said", "A Life Preserved", "To Forgive", "Curses", and "On the Fritz (Live)"
4 Tie Skillet / Flyleaf


"This band always puts on some of the best live shows and it is mostly due to their earlier material that they made into this top 15. John Cooper and band first released the self-titled debut album that echoed the sounds of Nirvana back in mid 90s. The band kept progressing as the years went by and then came, Collide and Comatose, which is what I consider their finest albums."

Favorite Album: Comatose, Collide, Skillet, Rise

Favorite Songs: "Forsaken", "Rebirthing", "Comatose", "Whispers in the Dark", "Fingernails", "Rise", "Your Love (Keeps Me Alive)", "Paint", and "Comatose"


"After having all these Nu-Metal bands hit the market in the early 2000s, along came this female driven hard rock band with an incredible lead singer, Lacey Sturm. Not many female fronted hard rock bands have vocalist that can essentially sing a top 40 ballad just as easily as they can provide rough vocals. There are so many things I appreciate from the band's catalog of music."

Favorite Album: Memento Mori, Flyleaf, New Horizons

Favorite Songs: "So I Thought", "Sorrow", "Again", "Set Apart This Dream", "Circle", "Break Your Knees", "Fire Fire", and "Breathe Today"

4 Stavesacre

"Making quite an impact in mid to late 90s, Stavesacre had a much different sound than Mark Solomon's Former band, The Crucified. I remember playing the band's library nonstop in my CD Changer (anyone remember those?). They gave us one more reason to respect Tooth & Nail Records."

Favorite Album: Absolutes, Friction, Speakeasy

Favorite Songs: "Threshold", "Inclusive", "Whiter/ Ascend", "The Trouble with Being Born", "Sundown Motel", and "At the Moment"
4 Steven Curtis Chapman

"I can't say enough good things about this guy. His music is always inspiring, especially when things don't seem to be going quite so well. I've seen him in concert multiple times and he never fails to impress with his performance and message. His songs have been used constantly for weddings and other major events in people's lives and for good reason."

Favorite Album: Signs of Life, Speechless, More to This Life, This Moment, Beauty Will Rise

Favorite Songs: Way Beyond the Blue", "Glorious Unfolding", "Beauty Will Rise", "With One Voice", "What Now", "Dive" and "Speechless".
4 Tie Code of Ethics / The 77's

Code of Ethics

"I had the hardest time finding any Christian bands back in the 90s that could deliver great techno music. Code of Ethics seemed like the perfect fit and they were able to outlast many of peers by adapting to the changes in styles over the years. I was able to see them in concert in a mall which will always remain an unforgettable experience for me."

Favorite Album: Code of Ethics, Visual Paradox, Arms Around the World, Soul Bait

Favorite Songs: "Freedom", "Follow On", "Brightside", "Paradise", "Greater Love", "Without Reason", and "Lost in Egypt"

The 77's

"There was time when it seemed like this band was going to gain a similar recognition that U2 had in the late 80s. They were as equally talented as U2 and shared the same label (Island Records) as them which was unheard of back then for a Christian Alternative Band. They often gave a nod to all the sounds of music (60s and 70s). One can definitely hear a 60s influence in many of the songs found on All Fall Down."

Favorite Album: All Fall Down, Drowning with No Land in Sight, Sticks and Stones

Favorite Songs: "Caught in Unguarded Moment", "MT", "Self-Made Trap", "Snow Blind", "Film at 11", "Don't, This Way", and "Do it for Love"

4 Sanctus Real

"Starting off as basic band with some sounds reminiscent of Goo Goo Dolls, Sanctus Real was the band that always delivered the perfect ballad as well as the more intense songs. The band still provided some great music despite toning down the rock flavor on their last albums. If you want to listen to perhaps the most emotional song ever (although Michael W Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman are pretty good in this department too), listen to the song, "Say Goodbye" from Fight the Tide. I used this song in a slideshow for my father when I unexpectedly lost him in 2008."

Favorite Album: Fight the Tide, The Face of Love, Say it Loud, We Need Each Other

Favorite Songs: "Everything About You", "Alone", "Say Goodbye", "Won't Walk Away", "Eloquent", "Lead Me", "Turn On the Lights", "Same God", and "Captain's Chair"
4 Tie Demon Hunter / Tourniquet

Demon Hunter

"5 years ago, this band wouldn't have made onto my list. After investing a lot of time in their library, I started having a lot of admiration for this band. I was a newcomer and didn't start listening to them until The World is a Thorn. The name of the band and their album covers would make you think this is some major death metal band. While they are still a metal band, they provide some very clean vocals and the music is varied throughout every song. In a way, it reminds me of the glory days of Metallica's self-titled release in 1991."

Favorite Album: World is a Thorn, Demon Hunter, Extremist

Favorite Songs: "Infected", "Collapsing", "Artificial Light", "Relentless Tolerance", "Fading Away", and "I'll Carry You"


"It only seems appropriate that these 2 bands share the spotlight as Tourniquet has provided some the finest metal projects known to man. If there is an ultimate strength in this band, it's Ted Kirkpatrick's amazing drumming – it is a sound to behold. Amazingly after 25 years, they are still around pumping out the metalcore music. They were originally one of the second wave of Intense Records' (an equivalent to Solid State Records today) artists in the early 90s."

Favorite Album: Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance, Psychosurgery, Microscopic View of Telescopic Realm, Vanishing Lessons

Favorite Songs: "Ruminating Virulence", "Theodicy of Trial", "Dysfunctional Domicile", "Twilight", "Ark of Suffering", and "Besprinkled in Scarlet Horror"

4 Tie Mad at the World / Petra

Mad At The World

"A band that ended way too soon; at least they were about to release 7 unique albums varying from techo-alternative to hard rock to grunge. They covered many controversial topics that most bands would not while encompassing sound influences from the Cure and Tears for Fears."

Favorite Album: Seasons of Love, Boomerang, The Ferris Wheel

Favorite Songs: "Eyes of Heaven", "Seasons of Love", "Going Nowhere Again", "This is How We Get to Heaven", "Living Dead", and "Draggin the Chains"


"To many, this is the rock band that started it all in Christian Rock. They had their trademark guitar artwork on releases like More Power to Ya and Back to the Street. They had some difficulty finding themselves in a completely new world toward the end of the 90s, but they were able to make an incredible comeback with their last album, Jekyll & Hyde. Bob Hartman might just be one of the best guitarists ever known. Although they had 2 different lead singers in their lifespan, most fans were able to easily accept it."

Favorite Album: Beyond Belief, More Power to Ya, Beat the System, Jekyll & Hyde

Favorite Songs: "Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows", "Beyond Belief", "It is Finished", "Chameleon", "Jekyll & Hyde", "You Are My Rock", and "Think Twice"

4 Tie Rebecca St. James / For King & Country

Rebecca St. James

"Rebecca is easily one of my favorite female lead singers of all time in contemporary Christian music. She began with a very light pop album and then, out of nowhere, she returned with an edgier rock album, God in 1996."

Favorite Album: Transform, If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something, Pray, Christmas

Favorite Songs: "Reborn", "Lean On", "You Are Loved", "God Help Me", "You're the Voice", and "I'll Carry You"

For King & Country

"Talent obviously runs in this family. Her brothers, For King & Country (although with less material- 2 albums at this point) have provided some of best music in recent memory."

Favorite Songs: "Missing", "Loves to Blame", "It's Not Over Yet", "To the Dreamers", "Pushing on a Pull Floor", "Fix My Eyes"


"Wolves at the Gate, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, PFR (Pray for Rain), Secret & Whisper, Poor Old Lu, Owl City, August Burns Red, Oh Sleeper, Brit Nicole, Deliverance, Disciple, Fireflight, Guardian, Stryper, Ivoryline, Further Seems Forever, The Afters, Phil Keagy, Johnny Q. Public, Sixpence None the Richer, Mae, dc Talk, Kevin Max, TobyMac, Relient K, Eleventyseven, Thousand Foot Krutch, Project 86, Red, White Heart, White Cross, and so many others that I'm sure deserve an honorable mention."

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