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Listen to the new album from Elias Dummer!

Top 15 albums

Timothy Estabrooks
1 Anberlin, Never Take Friendship Personal (2005) -
"Anberlin was just starting to make an impact on the industry when they released Never Take Friendship Personal, and they have yet to exceed its incredible blend of hard-hitting, energetic melodies and driving rock. This album is fun at its purest."
2 Kutless, Sea Of Faces (2004) -
"Powerful, worshipful, and inspiring, Sea Of Faces was an immediate hit and will always be an inspiration to my own faith. "Sea Of Faces" and "All Alone" have been the music of my life for years."
3 Becoming The Archetype, Terminate Damnation (2005) -
"In 2005, the unheard-of Becoming The Archetype exploded onto the scene with what may be the greatest Christian metal album of all time. Filled with incredible instrumental talent and awesome music like the epic 11-minute "Elegy," Terminate Damnation showed that Christians actually can make metal at its best."
4 Anberlin, Cities (2007) -
"The favorite of many Anberlin fans, Cities is both in-your-face and reflective, with never-to-be-forgotten songs like the whirlwind "Godspeed" and the beautiful "The Unwinding Cable Car."
4 Sanctus Real, Fight The Tide (2004) -
"Catchy, fun, and powerful, Fight The Tide solidified Sanctus Real's place in the top of Christian alternative rock and continues to be my favorite of all their albums."
4 Newsboys, Thrive (2002) -
"This is the legendary Newsboys at their absolute best. "It Is You" started a worship craze that they have carried for years, while the incredible "Million Pieces" is one of the best songs the band has ever recorded."
4 Skillet, Comatose (2006) -
"Skillet was big before Comatose, but they were twice as big after. This album is a mix of heavy rock and deep, emotional lyrics that perfectly address the pain in most lives. Tracks like "The Last Night" and "Whispers In The Dark" are both poetic and intense."
4 dc Talk, Jesus Freak (1995) -
"Easily one of most influential albums to ever come out of the Christian music industry, Jesus Freak will always be a classic. Favorites like the title track and "In The Light" have yet to lose their appeal."
4 tobyMac, Welcome To Diverse City (2004) -
"TobyMac's infectious take on hip-hop was perfectly displayed on Welcome To Diverse City and ensured that his solo career after dc Talk would not be a flash in the pan."
4 brave Saint Saturn, The Light of Things Hoped For (2003) -
"Brave Saint Saturn was more than any side project could ever hope to be and they peaked with this album. Dark, brooding, but ultimately hopeful, The Light Of Things Hoped For is unlike anything else in Christian music."
4 Demon Hunter, The Triptych (2005) -
"Demon Hunter is the definition of Christian metalcore and their third album, The Triptych, was beautifully brutal. Unbelievably powerful tracks like "Undying" are awesome on the album and even more intense live."
4 Kutless, Hearts Of The Innocent (2006) -
"Kutless took a harder approach on their third original album, but also managed to compose such beautiful songs as "Smile" and "Promise Of A Lifetime."
4 Petra, Beyond Belief (1990) -
"Christian rock pioneers Petra hit their peak with the Gold certified, Grammy winning Beyond Belief. It's unlike anything you would hear today, but it's still great."
4 Anberlin, New Surrender (2008) -
"Yes, it's brand new (pun unintentional), but it already deserves a place on this list. Anberlin continues to amaze with their songwriting capabilities and they are poised for even bigger things in the future."
4 Kingston Falls, Armada On Mercy (2008) -
"Almost unheard-of and largely unnoticed, metal band Kingston Falls created a masterpiece with driving vocals, beautiful dueling guitars, and infectious energy. My #1 band to watch in the future."

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